Working It Out

Working It Out - Rachael Anderson Working it Out is another really sweet romance from author Rachael Anderson. It's also another sign that it is possible to write sigh-worthy clean romances. Grace and Seth are two people who are so right for each other. They both are able to bring out the best in each other. I loved that the relationship built slowly. They essentially became friends first and that made them stronger.

I loved Seth and his outlook on life. I could understand Grace's hesitation with Seth's daredevil tendencies. Especially after we find out about what happened to her brother. I think that fear would be something that would be hard to get past. Their HEA was wonderful and the epilogue in the end was perfect!

While I loved the side romance, I wish that we could have seen more behind the scenes of how they got together. Lanna and Alec's story is definitely one I would want to read. I look forward to reading Ms. Anderson's next book!