Night Film

Night Film - Marisha Pessl Let me start by saying that the audiobook was very well done. I loved listening to narrator, Jake Weber. He is the husband from the TV show Medium. I hope he narrates more books in the future. I found his voice very soothing.

That being said, Night Film ended up being a disappointment for me. It's a long book with not enough payoff in the end to be wowed by the story. I was engrossed through the first half of the book. The mystery was engaging with lots of twists. I liked the characters. Hopper and Nora added some comic relief to Scott's pursuit of the truth about Ashley Cordova. I liked Scott's character. He was intelligent, funny and determined.

So why the disappointment? The book has one of those open to interpretation endings. You know, where the reader has to decide where the truth lies. I hate that type of ending. I feel like if I am going to invest so much time in a book, I want a clean ending. I should have seen it coming though as there was enough foreshadowing in the constant discussions of the Cordova movie endings.