The Wrong Billionaire's Bed

The Wrong Billionaire's Bed - Jessica Clare This was probably my least favorite out of the three. Audrey Petty (Gretchen's sister and Logan's assistant) has been in love with Cade Archer forever. The problem is that he thinks of her as a sister. He is also in love with Audrey's twin, Daphne. Yes, a little soap operi-ish. Audrey takes Daphne to Cade's cabin to try to help Daphne kick her drug habit once and for all. There, she runs into Reese Durham.

While I did ultimately enjoy the book, I felt like the relationship between Reese and Audrey was a little forced. The attraction was instant, but it just moved a little fast for me. I did like that Reese, who is the biggest playboy, fell hard and fast for Audrey. They did have a nice HEA in the end, but overall, I wasn't in love with them together. I did have to commend Audrey for finally giving her sister some very tough love in the end. If anyone needed a kick in the pants, it was Daphne. I felt bad for Cade because he gets used by her in the end. I just hope he sees that he deserves more.