Bride of the Wind

Bride of the Wind - Heather Graham I haven't read many of Heather Graham's romances written under the pen name Shannon Drake. If you like "bodice-ripper romances" you will definitely like Bride of the Wind. I will admit to almost putting this book down. I didn't like Pierce in the beginning. His behavior toward Rose is atrocious. I detested the scene where he forces himself on her when he thinks she has betrayed him. I know you have to take the time period in which this book was written, but forcing your spouse to have sex with you is rape.

I did stick with the book though. If I ignored that one scene, I ended up liking the story. I felt like Pierce redeemed himself and his feelings for Rose were genuine. There are a few exciting scenes on the high seas. There are also a few amusing scenes with Pierre and his "pirate crew". In all, it's not a bad throwback to try out.