Girls and Monsters

Girls and Monsters - Anne Michaud Girls & Monsters was an enjoyable anthology. The five stories are pretty short, so I was able to fly through the book pretty quickly. Overall, I would say that I liked the book. Some of the stories I liked more than others. I'm not sure if the author wrote these stories on order, but I felt like her writing got better as the book progressed.

For me, the best two stories out of the five were "Dust Bunnies" and "We Left at Night". Both were really creepy and had me on edge. What could creep someone out more than a creature under your bed and zombies? In both, I could feel the characters' terror and panic. Both were written very well!

Both "A Blue Story" and "Death Song" were OK for the most part. I think either of them might have been better as a longer story. I kind of felt like there was something missing in both. The time lines were off and I needed more details to really get the creep factor in the stories. The one story that I didn't care for was Black Dog. I felt like it was too abstract and confusing. I'm still not sure what was happening in it. It had great potential, but missed the mark for me.

As I said, overall, the book is not bad. I think it is OK for over 14 crowd. Why not give it a shot and see what you think?