Murder In Thrall

Murder In Thrall - Anne Cleeland Murder in Thrall was not what I expected I really enjoyed the book. I was looking forward to a good mystery and I got one. But, what I didn't expect was a sweet romance. The mystery was interesting with a few twists. I definitely didn't call the killer nor did I figure out his motivation for killing. I was way off base on that one.

Acton and Doyle make a great team. I liked how they played off each other. Once I got past the fact that Doyle was kind of stalking her for a while, I really liked their relationship. Doyle is independent and smart, but a little naive. Acton is a great detective and completely smitten with Doyle. I loved how he proposed to her. Not exactly romantic, but in a way that so fits his personality.

Murder in Thrall was well written, well plotted out. It has a sweet romance and had a few scenes that made me laugh. I highly recommend this one! I look forward to the next adventure with Acton and Doyle.