Oddities and Entities

Oddities and Entities - Roland Allnach I was hoping I was going to like this anthology of horror stories. Out of all of the stories included in Oddities & Entities, I think I only really liked the first two. The stories are well written, they just weren't my style. I really liked "Shift/Change". It was creepy with a great twist in the end. "Boneview" was also captivating and had a Rumpelstiltskin like feel to it. If you read this book, those are the ones I would recommend.

I wanted to like "Elmer Phelps". I did for a while as it was a great idea. But once the incest part came into play, I was too disturbed to really like it. As to the he remaining stories, I found myself not being able to get into them. I think with any book of short stories, there will be hits and misses. Why not pick this one up and see which ones you like?