Jet - Jay Crownover I think that Ms. Crownover is fast becoming a favorite New Adult author for me. Her "Marked Men" series is full of great characters and wonderfully flawed romance. Yes, there is angst, but in a good way. What I love about this series is that even though I am not a 20-something, I can really identify with the characters. They don't come from perfect families and know that you have to put in hard work to make it in this world. They also realize that family is and can be what you make it. Blood isn't all that makes a family.

Jet is the second in the series and is Ayden and Jet's story. There is definitely something there for them, but they fight it for a long time. When they finally give in to the passion, they light the pages on fire. Ayden did make me roll my eyes a few times since she was kind of mean to Jet. He was clearly willing to put in his all, but Ayden holds him at arms length for so long. I loved Jet. Not only is he sexy, but he has a soft side to him. He isn't out for fame and fortune, he just wants music in his life. My heart really hurt for him when he was dealing with his mother. I was glad to see how he handled her in the end.