The In-Between Hour

The In-Between Hour - Barbara Claypole White The In-Between Hour is a beautifully written book the pulled me right in from the first page. I should warn, that this is a pretty intense book. Every character in this book has major issues, so it's not what I would consider a light read. Will is dealing with the grief over the loss of his son as well as the loss of his dad in a way. Jacob, his dad, is dealing with memory loss (they never say that it's Alzheimer's, but it's like that). Hannah is grieving for her son Galen who is battling depression and has lost the will to live. Pretty messed up bunch, right? But what they find together on a mountain is love and home.

I enjoyed this book. I found myself tearing up at times. My heart really hurt for Will over the loss of his son. Bu,t I also felt badly that he couldn't grieve properly. By having to keep his son "alive" for his father, Will isn't able to move on in the process. After a while, that would catch up with anyone. I also felt for Hannah. I don't think any mother likes to see their child struggle.

The story is told from the view points of all of the characters. The ones I enjoyed the most were Jacob's thoughts. Even though his mind is muddled, he seemed to always see the truth in what was going on around him. He really is the most honest of everyone. The love story between Hannah and Will is subtle and, I thought, pretty secondary to the story. They find a friendship first before they realize they are in love and that made their ending much sweeter.

This is a book I definitely recommend. It's one that made me think about things in my own life and will stay with me for a while. It's the first book I have read by this author. I look forward to trying out her first book and seeing what she comes up with in the future!