OMG... Am I A Witch?!

OMG... Am I A Witch?! - Talia Aikens-Nunez, Alicja Ignaczak OMG...Am I a Witch? is a really cute middle grade story. One day on the bus, April's annoying older brother pushes her too far and she turns him into a dog using a spell she read off the Internet. She enlists her friends to help her try to reverse the spell before her parents find out Austin is now a dog.

One of the things that I liked about the book was how April begins to realize that even though her brother annoys her, he does care about her. He has defended her before and taken care of her when she was sick. I think that is a great message to send. The only thing I wish the book had was an explanation as to why April suddenly has powers. I felt like that wasn't explored enough. I'm not sure if this is going to be a series or not. If so, maybe a second book could explain her powers.

The book is short and is sprinkled with adorable illustrations. I think girls will fall in love with Austin is a puppy. He was very cute! This book would be perfect for any reader 4th grade and up. I know my 10 year old daughter would probably enjoy this book.