SAIL AWAY WITH ME - Kate Deveaux Sail Away with Me is an entertaining story. It was a pretty quick read filled with steamy and very erotic love scenes. Jody is a recently divorced mom of one who goes on e cruise with her three friends. There she meets Taggert and they are instantly attracted to each other. Their romance was a whirlwind, but then a lot of the best romances are, right?

I did like Jody and Taggert together. I thought they were good for each other. It was hard for Jody to believe that she could have more than just a fling with Taggert. He definitely fell hard for her. I was rooting for them to end up together. At the same time, I was also applauding Jody when she walked away from Taggert. Taggert definitely needed to work his stuff out before they could be happy. While I liked the romance and the characters, I felt like there were too many love scenes. They did get a little routine after a while. I would have liked to see less of them and more character interaction.

I do recommend this book. It was a fun read. It's definitely an over 18 book. I look forward to seeing more from This author in the future.