Some like It Wild

Some like It Wild - M. Leighton Some Like it Wild is the second book in the "Wild Ones" series. I didn't have enough time to read the first book, The Wild Ones, before reading this one for my review. But at no time did I fell like I was missing out on anything. I think that these could be read as stand alone books. Some Like it Wild was a pretty quick and enjoyable read. I was able to read it in one sitting. I definitely will be going back to read the first book now!

I liked the characters. Laney has lived her whole life under the microscope of her town because she was the preacher's daughter. I didn't blame her for wanting to break out of her shell. I was surprised it took her so long! I felt bad for her for the way she was treated by her father. I was pulling for her to stand up to him and was glad that she did. Jake feels he is unlovable. It's no wonder when he has grown up being told that every day by his father. Laney and Jake were good for each other. Their relationship was hot and heavy, but fun to watch. One of my favorite parts of the book, was when Shane got what was coming to him. I thought that it took her way too long to give him what he deserved.