Clever Girl

Clever Girl - Tessa Hadley I was looking forward to reading Clever Girl. The synopsis made it sound very interesting. But, I'm not sure the book I read was the one I was thinking I was going to get. It read like a really boring autobiography. In general, I'm not a fan of biographies in any form, so that is probably why I had a hard time connecting with this book.

It's never a good sign for me when I am easily distracted by other things when I am reading. I found myself putting this book down to do anything but read it. I got about halfway through and just didn't care enough to keep going. I couldn't relate to Stella at all. Maybe it was the time period or maybe it was Stella herself. It's hard to pick. I also was not a fan of the formatting of the book. There was none of the usual punctuation to indicate that a person was speaking. I found that made it harder for me to follow what was happening.