Vampire's Hunger

Vampire's Hunger - Cynthia Garner 3.5 stars-- Vampires, zombies and necromancers seem like a great combination for a story, right? Well, this one is packed with all three. Vampire's Hunger is a unique take on the zombie genre. A necromancer, Kimber Treat, mistakenly summons a dark force during a routine job in the morgue. The result is a zombie apocalypse that devastates the world. Vampires and humans are both susceptible to the zombie's bite.

I enjoyed this book. I liked that the zombie's weren't initially made by a virus. I also liked that the vampires could die from the bite as well. It made them just as vulnerable as the humans. The characters were interesting and there was enough action to keep the story moving. I was sucked right in and read it very quickly. Of course, the chemistry between Duncan and Kimber was intense. I loved them together! The book left off in somewhat of a cliffhanger, so I look forward to reading the next book, Vampire's Thirst (May 2014) to see what happens!