Lost and Found

Lost and Found - Karey White I know I have said it before, but I am really loving this series. If you are in the mood for some well written, sweet and clean romances, then this series is for you. Lost & Found is Lydia's Story. Lydia is Trace's sister who was featured in the last novella, Righting a Wrong. Lydia went to Charlotte, NC for an adventurous summer only to be returning home with nothing to show for it. A chance meeting with the handsome Blake in the airport sparks a spontaneous adventure that is life changing in more ways than one.

This story only proves that sometimes the greatest times in our lives are the ones that are unexpected and unplanned. I loved Lydia and Blake together. I thought they were a really cute couple. Both kind of afraid to go for what they wanted, but each really brave in trying to help the other take a chance. I loved their HEA. I won't tell you what is in the box that Blake does finally find, but I can say it's worth taking the journey with Blake and Lydia to find out!