Vampire's Thirst

Vampire's Thirst - Cynthia Garner Vampire's Thirst picks up fairly shortly after Vampire's Hunger left off. I enjoyed this one as much as the first book. I would advise reading this series in order as you will miss some back story as to how the zombie apocalypse came about. In this one, Kimber tries to come up with a way to stop the nightmare that has taken over the world. I won't tell you if she and her friends succeed.

My biggest observation about the book is that I thought it really could have been combined with the fist one. Not a ton happens in the story other than more love scenes. So had the first book been expanded, it really could have been one longer book and not stretched into two. I would have liked to see Natalie 's love life explored more. I'm not sure if there is going to be a next book in the series, but I hope there is a continuation as there are a number of great characters I would like to know more about.