Dialogues of a Crime

Dialogues of a Crime - John K. Manos Dialogues of a Crime was not the suspenseful thriller that I was hoping I would get. Honestly, I thought the book was very slow and not really engaging. I never got the feeling of mystery or suspense that I was hoping to get. I found myself putting it down in favor of other books. Never a good sign. The book starts in 1972 with the arrest of Michael, a quiet college kid, who happened to show an undercover cop the room of a drug dealer. In a sweep of the campus, he is taken into custody as an accessory to the dealer. His father refuses the possibility of a good lawyer in favor of a public defender who subsequently convinces Michael to plead guilty. For what? I think that is where I had a hard time buying into the story. Any two-bit lawyer would have been able to get those charges dropped, even in 1972.

The story went down hill after I read about what happened to Michael in prison. I felt so bad for him because he never should have been there in the first place. I found myself not caring if the murderers of the men who assaulted him were ever caught, even 20 years later. If you ask me, they got what they deserved. Because of this, the book really lost interest for me. I didn't like the cop or DA who tried to uncover the truth and I found myself rooting for Michael and his mob friends.

The book has gotten a lot of good reviews, so I am clearly in the minority.